Emmanuel Mueke

Associate Partner

Professional Bio

Emmanuel has four years’ experience in commercial dispute resolution and litigation. He has advised clients in different sectors including real estate and construction, insurance, pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, venture capital, transport, communications and ICT, and commercial agriculture, horticulture, and fair trade. His current areas of practice include M&A, Capital and Debt Markets, Privatization and Tax Dispute Resolution. Emmanuel is a member of the Law Society of Kenya and co-convener of the Society’s Information and Communication Technology and Intellectual Property (ICT/IP) Committee.


• Advised a large pharmaceutical company on the best entity and structure for an association of pharmacists and chemists;
• Advised a horticulture conglomerate on fair trade principles and handled its certification appeal;
• Advised on the use of a Quistclose Trust for the recovery of funds held in a collapsed bank;
• Advised various multinationals on debt structuring, complex debt recovery including recoveries from related companies domiciled in multiple jurisdictions;
• Advised on the restructure and purchase of various companies;
• Was part of team which incorporated and domiciled major foreign investors in the real estate and construction industry including setting up joint ventures and advising on financing, employment and labour laws, OSHA compliance, and real estate.
• Successfully resolved a multinational NGO’s dispute on intellectual property, branding, and registration concerns in South Sudan
• Undertook significant recoveries litigation including a KES 2 billion recoveries suit;
• Undertook the first ever litigation in Kenya on the International Chamber of Commerce’s Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees, URDG 758; and
• Created the Judicial Evaluation Template presently in use by the Law Society of Kenya, Nairobi Branch.